Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog Retitle

After quite a few very positive posts, I'm back to whining. My ittle bitty blog may have to be retitled the BooHoo Blog.

I've been tapering prednisone and have only dropped 1.5mg over the last 3 weeks or so, but that is enough to send me back to the deep dark pit that is Rheumatoid Arthritis. Everything, everywhere hurts, my eyes are so dry I can't see well, I'm taking pain killers around the clock and I'm back to feeling blue and hopeless. If I had tears I'd cry 'round the clock too.

The hard drive in my Mac at work went bad, real bad and I lost all my files. I dread re-creating everything. It is a long story. Basically, I bought my own DVD's for four years and backed up my files, but then my optical drive went bad, I couldn't get an external drive or convince anyone that I needed backup of any sort. I gave up. I should have kept spending my own money, just for peace of mind, but money is one of many things that I just don't have enough of. And, to top it off, my admnistrators decided to replace my wonderful Mac with a regular old computer. I'm going to put on my so-fake smile and just keep plugging anyway. I don't have any choice. There just aren't any jobs around.

My daughter is having some medical issues and I'm worried to death.

I lost two fillings since my last cleaning in April. I always seem to lose fillings after a cleaning. What is up with that?

The love of my life is busy taking care of his aging parents and we barely have time to talk and he's so exhausted that he doesn't want to.

There isn't one positive thing going on in my life.

So, there you have it. A synopsis of the last few weeks. I hope that everything will do another 180 and I can be something other than depressed.

I've removed myself from all of my social contact. I just don't want to infect anyone with my negative thinking. So, I've probably pissed quite a few people off.

Right now, everything is just not good.

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