Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh the week from . . . it rhymes with bell

I can thank RA and Sjorgren's syndrome for some awful tooth decay. Dry mouth is not a minor problem, for sure. Over the weekend a rotten tooth turned nasty on me. I have been putting up with a couple of fairly useless teeth to avoid the cost of having them extracted. I guess that wasn't a good idea. Now I have endure this toothache and wait until Thursday to have it yanked. Of course I can't be off from work that long, so I trudge on.

I didn't really think I had allergies, but I seem to develop a sinus infection around this time of year, and you guessed it, now is the time. At least one round of cephalexin can take care of both the infection and the tooth extraction, but I feel lousy. Or, well, I guess lousier.

My son called me at work this morning and let me know he'd had an accident out of town. We had heavy rain all day today and I don't drive well in rain and I don't see well in rain. I went round and round, asked directions 3 times and finally made what should have been a 30 minute trip in about 3 hours (maybe a little less). He had spun out on an exit ramp and took out a light pole. His car will have to be towed and may not be worth fixing. I guess we'll hope for the best.

One very bright spot is getting back in touch with one of my two neices that I have not seen in several years. She seems to have grown to be a remarkable woman with a beautiful family. It has brought back a lot of good memories for me. I hope it has for her. I did lots of things with them when they were small and I'm glad that I did. My brother died when they were very young and I wanted to keep them a part of our family too. Almost everything I did with my own children, I did with them. I hope they both know that I think about them often and I am so happy that they are doing well.

Life is busy for us all, but with the advent of Facebook, it is easy to keep in touch and share everyday things. The everyday things are really more important than the events in life. There are many more of them and they truly shape who we are.

Life is certainly a challenge daily. We go up, and then down. We soar and then we crash. We live and then, we die. I'm doing my best to focus on the soaring part, but darn it is hard. If I can't get all the crashes off my schedule soon, I may just be too tired for soaring.

I'm turning on the heated matress pad tonight and cuddling up with a good book. I doubt I'll get very far, but I need just one little pleasure to end the day.

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