Monday, April 4, 2011

A Brand New Adventure

I've been very busy with a new adventure. I've just opened an Etsy shop and am having a great time interacting with other artists/craftspeople. I've only had one sale, so I haven't realized a lot of success yet, but I have confidence. I've been trying to fill up my shop and I have so many ideas.

It has been hard on my poor hands with all the new crafting activity, but overall I think it has been a great benefit. Since I gave up my music-making, I haven't had anything this fulfilling for several years. It is nice to have my own "business" going. I can run things as I want and pursue my own vision. I have to say thank you to my beautiful daughter for suggesting I do this.

I hope you will visit my shop and see what I've been up to. I have been listing lots of simple things to fill up the shop. In the future there will be lots more "creative" stuff there. I have listed iPod/iPhone cases, medicine bags, amulet bags and lots of simple dangle earrings.

The address is:

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