Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's a beautiful fall day

A beautiful fall day has me longing to go for a hike. I love the smells and sounds of fall. I'd like to take some photos of the blazing oranges of the trees in the nearby woods. If only my body would cooperate.

The ribs I broke a couple of weeks ago are still quite painful due to the lingering cough from the cold last week, and my thumb won't behave even after injections last Wednesday. My right elbow is the most painful, though. I also can't straighten it and it makes most everything difficult. The "bird" finger on my left had is very swollen, but at least it isn't screaming at me.

Today, I hope to manage to do the laundry and minimum cleaning. I'm just not quite up to much more.

This is not what I used to do with a beautiful Saturday in the fall. I am resentful.

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