Sunday, November 15, 2009


In 2005 I learned, from my first DEXA scan that I had osteopenia and I tried Fosamax for a little less than a year. I stopped taking it because I have such awful dental problems and didn't want the Osteonecrosis of the jaw.

In 2007, I had another DEXA scan which put me a -3.5 at the right hip, or severe osteoporosis. I had a hip biopsy at our university hospital after being referred by my gynecologist. She thought they might prescribe Forteo, but they didn't. They offered Fosamax or Evista. I decided to take neither.

This year I've had two rib fractures, one from coughing and one from leaning on the handle of a grommet setter. Neither of those activities should have caused a fracture. Because of the new "fragility" fractures I had another DEXA and found out that my osteoporosis has improved. My new score at the right hip is -3.0. So now I'm really puzzled. Why am I fracturing now, if it is better.

My rheumatologist has offered Reclast, and I think that is what I'll do. A once-a-year infusion sounds so much better than any of the other bisphosphanates. He said it really works too. I hope that it does.

I plan to exercise more and keep up the calcium and vitamin D. I'm even considering light running. I wonder if I could do it on a regular basis?

Do you suffer from osteoporosis as well as rheumatoid arthritis? How are you treating yours? Any successes?

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