Saturday, January 23, 2010

Coping . . . barely

I've eaten and slept, which is a good thing. I don't have the gnawing gut, from lack of food or the untreatable headache, from lack of sleep. But, now I have an awful sore throat, which is not good for someone lacking a spleen. I should have expected that with the stresses and all of the past week, and an increase in the good ol' immune suppressing prednisone, that I'd get sick. I don't plan to go to the doctor, so I hope it isn't strep or another encapsulated bacteria which could be deadly.

I am praying constantly that my daughter is not being mistreated. I want my baby to find happiness and success. I know she doesn't want my help. Maybe this adventure is what she needs to prove to herself that she can manage on her own.

I plan to let nature take it's course, for now, with the sore throat and with my daughter. I'm just too emotionally and physically drained to take more action with either problem right now. And, since I always seem to do the wrong thing, maybe the right thing is to do nothing at all.

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