Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Night Fever

No, I'm not disco dancing with these swollen feetsies. I'm puzzled because I am running a fever again. I've been taking the antibiotic right on schedule, so I'm not sure why. It might just be RA playin' with me again. It's not quite 101, so I guess it's probably nothing to worry over.

A storm is brewing, and my body knows it. The great weather gurus are expecting 2-5" of snow to start tomorrow night. My elbows and wrists would like all those gurus to know that it will get here a little sooner. I stopped at the grocery tonight for bread and the shelves were nearly bare. I had to buy Wonder Whole Grain White. I think my elbows and wrists must be talking to a few other folks.

We'll see in the morning if elbows, wrists and bread shelves know more than weather gurus. I'm counting on TWO nice snuggly snow days with my books and my Ernie.

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