Friday, January 29, 2010

Weather Guru's-1, Rheumatoided-0

I'm not sure how I misinterpreted my symptoms in regards to the weather, but I did. The weather is definitely changing, but now those gurus are saying the snow won't get here until tomorrow afternoon. I liked my plan for TWO nice snuggly snow days. With the guru plan we have a weekend trapped indoors and NO snuggly snow days.

I do know that my symptoms are affected by the weather. Here is my interpretation of the type of pain and the connected weather condition:

Deep ache = wet weather or high humidity
Outward pressure-like pain (like my joints may explode) = storm (or maybe just a strong barometric change)
Burning pain = not exactly sure yet

All day yesterday, I had the deep ache I associate with wet weather, so I figured that it would snow, and very soon. Today I have that outward pressure pain, so I know the weather is changing (gurus say so too). I hate this kind of pain the most because it seems that nothing really relieves it.

I guess I should leave the predictions to those with doppler radar and satellite imaging. I wish they could tell me in advance how my RA might behave so that I could plan my activities and avoid canceling/changing plans. But RA does not follow the rules, mine or the gurus.

I guess the best I can do is to predict that I'll be sleeping in my wrist splints with the heated mattress pad on at least four. I may even wake up (if I go to sleep) and have to decide if I should take more drugs or just lie there and cuss.

RA pain of any variety = lots of dirty words.

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