Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Brand New Year

Christmas is finally over. I did get the tree up (with a lot of help) and down again (with not as much help). I managed to gift everyone. I didn't get them as much as I would have liked, but they were not forgotten. I am in the poor house for sure, but hopefully I'll get caught up on the bills.

A week before Christmas I had to make a call to my Rheumatologist due to a flare. So, no holiday from RA for me. He upped my prednisone and put me on the cancellation list. I'm doing better, but I know I'll have to start a new DMARD when I see him next. I'm not crazy about a whole new set of side-effects.

With the increased prednisone, the broken blood vessels, pictured in a previous post, are going away. Interesting.

I saw my Ortho doc about my thumb too. I'm going to need a joint replacement. I wasn't quite ready to hear that. He prescribed Voltaren Gel to get me through until I decide to have it done. The gel does work, so my thumb, elbows and knees are feeling much better. I've rubbed the stuff everywhere. I guess it is better than using narcotics, if I don't have to.

I'm glad that it is 2010. With the closing of the old year, I feel like I am starting fresh. Like I have a clean slate and that I can somehow make this year a good one, or at least a mite better than 2009, or 2008, or 2007. I don't have any resolutions, really. I just want to make better decisions and deal with problems better than I ever have. And, I plan to ask for help when I need it.

I've been cleaning up a little. I've posted auctions on ebay to clear out a lot of clutter and make a few needed bucks. I'm even parting with my horse gear and some of my violins. If you remember my post a while back, I was vascillating about giving up those hobbies or being determined that I'd be able to do those things again. I guess I've lost hope. At least a little. It is sort of freeing and sort of depressing at the same time. I have a few good days, here and there. But, mostly my days are not good.

I'm closing the door on some important parts of my life. Now I'll need to find some new ones to open, and just move on. 2010 is bound to have some surprises. I hope they are good ones.

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